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Additives for Oil and Paint

Difference between FORUM and other oil Additives based on PTFE

FORUM Other PTFE based Oil Additives
Very small particle size around 1mkm (micron) therefore can easily pass through all types of filters Particle size around 5mkm and bigger therefor can clog oil filters
Homogenous particle size and shape (rounded), which makes a smooth and leveled coating on engine walls and surfaces Different particle size and irregular shapes, coating is not smooth and unparalleled due to different particle shapes
Wide working temperature boundaries -196 degrees C to 500 degrees C Narrow working temperature boundaries -20 degrees C to 250 degrees C

Why use additive FORUM, since modern oils already contain additives?

Advantages of FORUM®?

Industries We Serve

Transport Industry
Ship Industry
Heavy Machines
Food Industry
Power Industry
Paint Industry
Wind turbine Industry
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