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Additives for Oil and Paint

What is FORUM®?

FORUM additives have strong wear reducing properties and are service life extending for all types of engines and metallic surfaces. FORUM is compatible with all types of oils, fuels, lubricants, and paints.

These additives are manufactured on the basis of a new material with unique properties, powder FORUM (Fluorine-Organic Ultra dispersal Material).

FORUM is a modified form of PTFE. It is a powder composed of small particles of less than 1 micron and have regular spherical shape. They are capable of forming a very durable and ultra-slippery coating, which provides protection against friction, wear and corrosion on wear surfaces. This coating is resistant to high temperatures (up to 500 oC) and heavy mechanical loads and is chemically neutral.

Using special technology, powder FORUM is mixed with a highly purified base oil to produce additive FORUM.

FORUM powder is created by melting PTFE through high power laser in a closed chamber. During this process steam of PTFE is created and converted into powder form - FORUM.


«VladFORUM»-the only manufacturer and holder of exclusive rights for the trade mark FORUM, produces FORUM additives within the framework of an exclusivity agreement with the Institute of Chemistry of the FEB RAS, where the whole production process and know-how compliance is supervised by the developer.

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