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Additives for Oil and Paint

Unique properties of the additive FORUM

Powder FORUM is NEITHER FLUOROPLASTIC NOR TEFLON. It is a modified form of PTFE.

All these materials contain the same PTFE molecule in their basic structure, yet essentially different technologies of their production determine the difference in their structure and physical and chemical properties, so the products that are based on PTFE are entirely different from eachother.

Extremely small particles of the powder FORUM are capable of bonding easily to any solid surface and forming a durable coating. Neither Teflon nor fluoroplastic nor any other PTFE possesses such properties without special bonding materials.

Working principle

Powder FORUM is easily applied to any surface. Its particle resembles flower bud with its petals loosely connected to each other. Even small mechanical impact on such particle causes its disintegration into nanoparticles which easily stick to any surface, which results in formation of a durable coating.

Coating’s adherence to the surface is so strong that it can be removed only with its undercoat or when subject to annealing at the temperature of over 500oC. The coating is chemically resistant, does not react with acids and oxidizing agents and blocks UV light.

To deliver the powder FORUM to hard-to-reach wear surfaces, a special technology is used to mix it with highly purified base oil to produce additive FORUM.

When added to car oils and lubricants, the additive is distributed across the whole system under running engine conditions. Particles of an active component stick to friction joints firmly and bind to metal surfaces and fill all micro irregularities and nano-cracks with a tight coating, particularly in places subjected to intensive wear.

This coating, which is resistant to high loads, greatly reduces friction coefficient and remains even under the lack of oil or lubricant over a long period of time. Tests show that FORUM is active even under complete lack of oil for 45 minutes. Then, if the engine is cooled down, a new 45 minutes of engine run can start and the cycle can continue.

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